Black Seeds from syria

If you are looking for Syrian black seeds suppliers in Dubai as we have new crop of Syrian black seeds available for export. As we supply only to the bulk customers, you should reach us for your bulk requirements. If you run a food chain or own a small business that supplies foodstuff to the local customers, you can purchase quality Syrian black seeds from us. We have collaborated with the local suppliers of black seeds from Syria who help us with fresh products for best prices. This is how we have made it possible to ensure quality while keeping the prices reasonable.

Black seeds are native to Asia and known for their bitter taste and smell. They are extracted from a plant named Nigella Sativa and are among the important Ingredients in the households of southwest Asia. Due to their medicinal properties, black seeds are popular all over the world. Syria, being among the major producers and exporters of black seeds, produces quality black seeds in its fertile farms that are later traded by the local suppliers. Being one of the leading Syrian black seeds suppliers in UAE, we keep an eye on the best black seeds available in the local markets of Syria, and make it available for our bulk clients. Reach us with your requirements today.