Cashew Nut from India/Vietnam

Our cashew nuts are known for their rich protein content and fresh flavour and appearance. Being among the popular cashew nut suppliers in UAE, we offer cashews that are highly appreciated for their quality and nutritional value. Procured from local farmers and vendors of India and Vietnam, our cashew nuts are grown and processed in hygienically adjusted environment to ensure quality. That's the reason they are best in taste, quality, and nutritional content. If you are looking for cashew nut suppliers in Dubai for your bulk cashew nut requirements, xyz must be your go-to foodstuff export company.

Cashew nut is nature's precious gift that helps people stay healthy. It is rich in iron which is essential for enzyme activity and red blood cells, a good source of magnesium that supports bone growth and improves energy levels, and contains phosphorus, zinc and selenium that are known to promote bone health, improve metabolism and antioxidant properties. That apart, it is rich in calcium, protein and saturated fats, and consumed in many forms. It can be eaten raw, roasted, lightly sugared or salted. Furthermore, cashew nuts are used in bakeries and confectioneries by finally chopping them and adding to different sweets and other baked products to add flavour. Reach us for quality cashew nuts in bulk today. Our offerings include:

Indian cashew nut Vietnamese cashew nut