A Closer Look at Cinnamomum Cassia Species

Nature has given all necessary resources to human beings and that too with spices. Cassia, also known as“Chinese Cinnamon”, spice comprising of the aromatic bark of the Cinnamomum Cassia plant of the family Lauraceae. Comparable to exact Cinnamon, it has a stronger, less delicate flavor and is thicker than Cinnamon bark. The harvesting of Cassia is somewhat identical to cinnamon. However, the flavor of it is far stronger. SST is one of the Leading Importer and Exporters of Cassia with Wide Range of Quality Grades from China and India.We have been Successful in maintaining International Standards in our Cassia Grades.

Key Benefits

Cassia cinnamon plays an important role in treating diseases like diabetes, obesity and many more.The species is also helpful in controlling the level of blood sugar.Chemicals like hydroxychalcone are present in it that helps in improving the sensitivity of insulin. Apart from that,it is also used in the food and beverages industry as a flavoring agent. This flavoring agent is used in meat, pastries and deserts and other confectioneries.

Looking For Cassia From India/China Reach out Us?

SST imports high quality cassia from China. It is traditionally used in Chinese Medicines and is counted amongst fundamental herbs. It is generally believed that this supplement helps in treating digestive problems, loss of appetite. It is also used for treating acute bronchitis. SST also imports cassia from India. If you are looking for bulk supplies, look no further than us. We are a leading, premium quality Cassia suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

SST Supplies

We are the leadingsuppliers in UAE. The volume of the order is not a matter of concern for us. We adhere with all international standards and rules while accepting orders from clients. SST Can Effectively Fulfil Your Requirement!