Black Pepper from Vietnam & Brazil

Black pepper is among the most common spices used worldwide. It has a sharp, spicy taste that works well with many cuisines. Trust the best black pepper exporters in UAE for your bulk black pepper requirements. We are among the top black pepper suppliers in Dubai who serve their clients from different countries with the best black pepper grown in different corners of the world. Reach us today to place an order and get it delivered to your address at the earliest possible. We work in collaboration with the local farmers and suppliers in order to ensure quality for the best possible price.

The significance of black pepper is not just limited to being an important kitchen ingredient. It is also used as a herb in many Ayurvedic medicines. The spice is known for its flavour which is used to add a sharp taste to a number of recipes but that's not all it does. Here are some of its important health benefits:

  • Our body tends to form free radicals that lead to several health issues such as heart diseases, premature aging, hair problems, and certain cancers. Black pepper can be your saviour. It is known to prevent the damages caused by free radicals and keep you healthy.
  • Black pepper fights chronic inflammation and prevents diseases like arthritis and diabetes. It contains an active compound named piperine that suppresses inflammation.
  • Piperine is also known to improve brain function by preventing the amyloid plaque formation which is linked to degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

SST is dedicated to export the finest quality black pepper to its clients. Being one of the biggest black pepper suppliers in UAE, we purchase whole black peppers from Vietnam and Brazil, and supply it to the rest of the world. Reach us with your bulk black pepper requirements today.

Black Pepper from Vietnam Black Pepper from Brazil