Food Trading Services

Date: 08-11-2021

The food industry's responsibility is to offer wholesome, delectable, and easily digested food to satisfy our cultural, dietary, and lifestyle needs. Since we've been in this business for more than 15 years, we've developed a lot of expertise

Looking for ways to beat the heat of Dubai this season. Here's your answer

Date: 08-11-2021

Irritation, exhaustion, perspiration, heatstroke, and sunburn are all symptoms of the summer heat. Adding a certain range of miraculous spices to your everyday diet can help keep your system cool and minimize the negative effects of the blazing heat throughout the summer.

Know what consumption the cloves do to your body

Date: 08-11-2021

Just two cloves per can bring a lot of change in your body, so eating just two cloves a day can fix your digestive issues which will automatically improve your immune system, which can surprisingly help you even to fight cancer. Contact us for sugar from Khaleej!

Why Spices are called the backbone of Culinary Arts

Date: 15-09-2021

The market is filled with ready-made spices and masalas to prepare a meal in no time. However, if you want your dishes to taste better, you need to figure out the use of the right spices. The use of substandard spices will produce bland dishes only. The question may well be how to know if the spices you are using are the best or not since all of the

Different Spices and their Usage in the Culinary World

Date: 30-08-2021

The food stuff trading is not new, it has existed for many centuries. Most people just love the effect created by spices and dry fruits. Some regions of this planet have an ideal environment to cultivate crops and grow spices. On the other hand, some regions on this planet are blessed with mineral wealth and fossil fuel.

Different Food Products and Their Usage

Date: 14-06-2021

Food is a basic necessity of human life like air, water and shelter. Some places on this planet have a very good ecological balance and support the production of different types of food products. Spices, dry fruits and different types of food products are required in our daily life.

Arrange Foodstuff and Spices from Best Sources to Ensure Good Quality

Date: 21-03-2021

Food stuff, spices, dry fruits and other products are counted among basic necessities of life. Without the rich supply of such food products, it is very difficult to meet the requirement. Some food products grow in a special environment and geographical region. Not all the areas on the planet Earth are fertile and provide a stable environment. Every crop requires a stable, balanced climate for growth. Some spices grow in a tropical and hot climate. Dubai is a very rich city, and most of the food stuff items are imported from different parts of the world.

Purchase High Standard Spices from Prestigious and Trustworthy Sources

Spices and different types of herbs are recognized all around the world as they add flavor, depth and taste to a dish. It is not wrong to state that availability of spices is a true gift of Mother Nature because this has provided numerous methods of flavoring a dish. This is now possible to achieve a specific taste in a dish by adding a particular spice during the cooking process. The chefs all around the world utilize different types of spices to augment the taste and quality of the dish without damaging the nutritional components. With the passage of time, different types of spices have become an integral part of the culinary world.

Look for reliable Spice suppliers in UAE

There is great demand for different types of spices, dry fruits and nuts in the United Arab Emirates. It is a good practice to acquire them from reliable sources. Shabistan Sayyad Foodstuff Trading LLC is a noted and reliable importer and exporter of spices, dry fruits and nuts. Whether you are looking for cloves from Madagascar or high quality turmeric from India, place your order with reputed importers and exporters. Different types of spices are used in the preparation of lip smacking dishes. In fact, the identity of the dish is completely changed due to the presence of a specific spice. In Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, different types of spices such as lime, fresh red chilli pepper are extensively used. The pleasant smell of the spices fill the atmosphere with positive energy.

Purchasing spices from a prestigious source is important

It is generally seen that dried spices quickly lose their aromatic qualities with passage of time. Hence, it is recommended to purchase spices in large qualities and then grind them by using a grinder. Some spices are added to the dishes and desserts just prior to serving to enhance the level of taste. Spices produced in India are regarded for their finest quality. Hence, they are in great demand. According to culinary experts, Indian delicacies generally derive their great taste from spices. Traders from all around the world covered enormous distances in search of high quality Indian spices. Luckily, in the modern era, it is easy to acquire such products from distant parts of the world.

India - a paradise of spices

It is not possible to grow spices everywhere because geographical and climatic conditions also hold importance. Hence, it is very necessary to import or purchase spices from a trustworthy source only. The black cardamom from India is also very famous for its smoky aroma. After saffron, the cardamom is counted amongst the most expensive spices. It is used as a vital ingredient in perfumes. However, it is also used as digestive aids and breath fresheners. Cardamom is also used to flavor pastries, cakes and breads. In Scandinavia and Middle-Eastern region, there is tremendous demand of black cardamom from India.