Long Pepper from Indonesia

After years of neglect, long pepper has gaining traction nowadays into the hearts of many fans of its exceptional taste. It was very important ingredients into various dishes during Roman times. Let’s us learn some of interesting things about this, it is a part of same botanical family that gives us white, green as well as black peppers. It is grown in Indonesia the island of Java, this pepper is less acrid and a little sweeter than varieties grown in India or China, and is much fruitier as well. In many South Asian countries, the cooking stuffs are never having a taste of without being incorporating its essence.

Further, Indonesian cooking is no exception adding its essence to their dishes, it’s often combined in traditional bumbus, which are the aromatic curry pastes made from dry and fresh spices, you can take similarities just like Thai curry pastes.

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SST exports full-bodied, aromatic long pepper that is perfect for your sweet and salty recipes at the same time. The long pepper from Indonesia is known for its tempting flavour as well asits strong aroma. It can be used in a variety of dishes such asmeat, fish, stews, sauces as well as desserts. The name is derived due to its shape which is 2-4 cm in length.

More in this, it plays a significance in our lives in current scenario, it finds its first mention in Ayurveda and is an integral part of the ancient medicinal formula. It has many other important health benefits that include:

  • The herb is known to fight against hypertension
  • Itcan be a stress reliever.
  • It also promotes muscle development; also daily intake can help improve muscle mass growth naturally.
  • If you are suffering from asthma and breath related diseases, you can consult a physician or professional and you may also consume it to treat the condition.
  • It is sweet in taste and used to add flavour to a number of food dishes as well as due to its sweet properties it can also use in desserts.