Cloves from Srilanka

Sri Lankan cloves are popular for their distinct taste and aroma. They are also used in making oil and medicines. Though there is no certain information available on how they were introduced to Sri Lanka, people believe that it was the colonists who brought the clove to the island. Along with other spices, clove was a profitable product in the Roman Era. It was initially traded by the Arabs but was later taken over by the Portuguese. Since then, it is being traded all around the world and still in demand for its attractive health benefits. SST is among the major Ceylon cloves suppliers in UAE that exports the finest clove buds to the global market. If you are looking for Ceylon cloves suppliers in Dubai to purchase cloves in bulk, you can give us a call now.

Cloves are used for extracting clove oil which is an important product used in many fields including aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, and dentistry. Clove oil, having antibacterial properties, is recommended for treatment of neuralgia, general weakness, and breathing problems. It is also known for boosting concentration and thinking abilities. Furthermore, it is a natural food preservative which is used in the food industries because of its antifungal effects.