Rasins from Iran

If we create a list of the major raisins producers around the world, it will be incomplete without mentioning Iran. The country is among the top three producers of raisins with its annual production being around 240,000 MT. Now, that's a big number but what's even bigger is its commitment to quality. Iranian raisins are known for their freshness and quality all over the world. Furthermore, Iran is also the third largest exporter of raisins with its annual export being around 150,000 MT. If you are looking for quality Iranian raisins in bulk, you are at the right place. We are one of the reliable Iranian raisins suppliers in UAE who export raisins and other dey fruits to their clients from different parts of the globe.

Coming to the varieties grown and processed, Iran exports four main varieties that are Sultana raisins, Golden raisins, Green raisins and Dark raisins. These raisins are prepared from grapes that are grown by local farmers of Iran. They are reaped and harvested in the month of September and then dried using different methods. Being among the leading Iranian raisins suppliers in Dubai, we import raisins from local markets of Iran and export it to our bulk clients. Reach us today with your requirements.