Know what consumption the cloves do to your body

Just two cloves per can bring a lot of change in your body, so eating just two cloves a day can fix your digestive issues which will automatically improve your immune system, which can surprisingly help you even to fight cancer. Contact us for sugar from Khaleej!

Before we know anything further on this we should know about the origin of the cloves. A fragrant dried pink flower bud that comes from an evergreen tree which is indigenous to Indonesia are cloves which are one of the most loved spices in the world.

The medicinal properties of the cloves

Cloves get their medicinal properties because they are rich in variety of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The importance of a clove is not just because of components that are good for human body but the importance of cloves are that they also add a great taste too the sweet and salty food.

Some of the benefits are dis cussed below that will motivate you to eat cloves. Order spices with one of the famous Madagascar cloves suppliers in UAE!

It makes the immune system strong

The immune system gets stronger by cloves just because of increasing white blood cells in the body and this help us fight off infections. All the credit goes to vitamin C found in this spice which helps in fixing the digestive issues.

Consume roasted or powdered cloves with honey

Cloves increases the secretion of the digestive enzymes and it also fights stomach ulcers and even have similar effects to variety of anti-ulcer medications. They also reduce gas and the fibre found in it fight with constipation.

So to consume roasted or powdered cloves with honey can fix all digestive type of issues.

Cloves can rescue you with toothache

The good thing about the cloves are that they have natural anaesthetic properties especially in the case if you have toothache or cavity which is troubling you. Just keep clove on the bothersome tooth to vent the pain until you see a dentist.

Cloves make liver healthy

Our important organ which is called liver detoxifies our body from the harmful chemicals. It is found in a study that clove oil if added as ingredients improves the liver function. They help reduce pain and inflammation in body. Order now cloves from Brazil!,

Headache remedy

The powdered clove can be taken with rock salt dissolved into the milk which can give relief in headache. If the cloves are soaked in coconut oil then the oil can be used to massage temples to relive pain.